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QUANTUM PROSE is a non-profit foundation based in NYC, born in 2014. It comprises a book publishing label, a writing program and an artist residency.

According to quantum physics, the “apparent” materialization of an object depends on its observation: all possibilities coexist at all times although we only perceive one through our attention. In Quantum Prose we translate this premise to language through a permanent inquiry that seeks to understand the relationship between words (mind) and matter (perception of reality). Hence our motto “Words Matter”.

WRITING PROGRAM Director: Lissi S. Michaelis

Lissi has been practicing meditation since she was a teenager thanks to her mother´s influence. She holds a BFA in Film from New York University, where she also earned an MFA in Creative Writing. She has contributed to numerous international magazines and her book El sapo blanco was published in 2015 (DíazGrey Editores). She has also completed the MBSR mindfulness program at the University of Massachusetts and holds an official diploma from the Mindful Schools organization. After spending a period writing in a Buddhist monastery, she decided to devote her work to investigating the potential of words to transform our perception of reality. This exploration led to the development of the Writing Program that she teaches at Quantum Prose since its foundation. She currently lives in Ibiza.

EDITORIAL Director: Marta del Pozo

Marta holds a PhD in Spanish Literature from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and an MFA in Creative Writing from New York University. She has published the poetry collections Escuela de geómetras ( Editorial Devenir) and Hambre de imágenes ( Premio Internacional de poesía Antonio Gala) and was awarded the Entreversos prize for Ibero-American literature for her book Nigredo. She currently teaches at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth and directs the Quantum Prose Press.

EDITORIAL Advisor: Leonard Schwartz

Leonard is the author of the poetry collections IFAt Elements and The Tower of Diverse Shores (Talisman House), and The Library of Seven Readings and Message Back and other Furors (Chax Press). His poems have appeared in such celebrated publications as Harper’s ConjunctionsThe Brooklyn RailThe Literary ReviewToMandorlaVerse and Jacket. He has won poetry awards from The NEAThe Academy of American Poetry and New York State Council of the Arts. He currently hosts the radio program Cross Cultural Poetics and teaches poetry at The Evergreen State College and the MFA program at Columbia University, NYC. Leonard is the guardian angel of our foundation.

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